Monday Sep 26, 2022


What I Do

Aside from writing plays in my free time, I write articles specializing in animals, travel, and health topics. This can cover a LOT of things.

For you, this means I create content that fits the style of your business while using proven strategies to increase traffic. I use SEO and SMO to make your business easier for google to pick up.

My methods rely on both well-researched articles as well as my own personal experiences. By combining my knowledge with scholarly articles, I provide accurate information, and the content I create remains open and honest.

I create content that your readers will love.

My Story

When I attended NYU and the University of Pittsburgh, I wrote for newspapers, comedy magazines, and literary magazines. From poetry, fiction, and articles to screenplays, non-fiction, and plays, I learned how to format many styles of writing. I graduated with a B.A. in English writing and a minor in French. I also studied psychology and philosophy.

Blue van in a grassy field with a man laying on the roof of the van bathing in the sun.

I have written for The Happiness Blog, Barkspot, Breed Expert, Calming Dog, and I’ve ghostwritten for many other blogs as well. I also write on the website Vocal.

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