Hi, I’m Jane & I’m a freelance writer.

I’m a freelance writer specializing in the lifestyle niche.

Specifically, I write about three main topics:

  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Wellness

I use my skills to help spread information about topics I’m passionate about. I’ve had first hand experience working in my niches and I’m a knowledgeable professional writer.

If you want to learn more about the type of work I do, check out my LinkedIn profile or my Upwork account.

Do You Need a Freelance Writer?

Do you . . .

  • feel drained creating all of your website’s content?
  • need to create a well researched a content creation/promotion plan?
  • have a website lacking informational articles?
  • want a plan to share your posts on social media at the best time possible?
  • create content without keywords aimed at niche-specific topics?
  • want to expand your website’s audience through SEO & SMO?

If you’re answering ‘yes’ to these questions, you should reach out and contact me.

I can help supply you with great content that perfectly fits the project you’re focusing on. If you’re looking for a writer in the animal, gardening, or wellness niches, I can be a triple threat for all three topics, or I can focus on just one.

I understand how to help businesses achieve their goals, and I’m happy to do everything in my power to make my clients satisfied.

Invest in your company’s future by contacting me for your copywriting needs.

What Does This Freelance Writer Do?

I write online content.

Over 90% of businesses use some form of online content marketing to promote their business or product. The internet is a vast maze in the world of e-commerce, but with the right direction and tools, you can use it to your advantage.

If you want to work with someone who understands your desire to educate and share information you should reach out to me.

Using social media, google trends, & SEO, I can provide pitches on topics your readers are actively seeking out.

If you want to know what your audience is thinking, hire a writer that is already part of your audience!

I understand the questions and concerns around my niches.