Sunday Sep 25, 2022


Hi, I’m Jane Palombo & I’m a freelance writer.

Freelance writer Jane Palombo.

I’m a freelance writer specializing in three main niches. I write about wellness, gardening, and animals. I use my skills to help spread accurate information about topics I’m passionate about. I’ve had first hand experience working in my niches and I’m a knowledgeable professional writer.

If you want to learn more about the type of work I do, check out my services page.

If you’re on the lookout for a freelance writer to create email newsletters, social media campaigns, or copy material, look no further. I can help supply you with great content that perfectly fits the project you’re focusing on. If you’re looking for a writer in the animal, gardening, or wellness niches, I can be a triple threat for all three topics, or I can focus on just one.

I understand how to help businesses achieve their goals, and I’m happy to do everything in my power to make my clients satisfied. Invest in your company’s future by contacting me for your copywriting needs.

I’m passionate about providing helpful wellness information to the average person. As someone who loves so many types of wellness (yoga, meditation, weightlifting, etc.) I’m aware of how bountiful the wellness world can be. My work helps people better their health. Whether they’re a beginner in their journey or a pro, my work will offer insight to improve their wellness path.

Houseplants and gardening have become exponentially popular in the last few years. As someone who has been gardening for nine years, I understand the frustrations and tribulations gardening can offer, and I also know how rewarding gardening can be. My work provides the proper guidance to help people find the best tips, tricks, products, and materials to help their gardens thrive.

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